Words to Build By: LIFESTYLE

As you know, we are very proud of our new construction homes and the method behind their designs. It’s what makes each of our homes unique. We tailor each house to fit the lot, neighborhood, city and surrounding geographical features specifically. In our newest blog series, we’ll be giving you a glimpse into how we come up with the decisions we do. These are our Words to Build By…

lifestyleThe most important word we design with is lifestyle.

we care about yours.

Where would we be without lifestyle at the forefront of our minds during the initial creative process? You would have a building, not a home. Just walls and a roof, not a place to grow, flourish and truly live the way we feel individuals can thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Lifestyle is in our name, and it’s our number one Word to Build By because it wholly defines the homes we are creating for you.

Stay tuned and follow our blog for the remaining ten words we build by…

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