Why New Construction Homes Are a Hot Choice for Homebuyers

Location, Location, Location, and Livability! That’s our motto. At NW LifeStyle Homes, we never duplicate a floor plan or design. We think our sites are so valuable and unique that we can’t afford to standardize the most important element of a new construction house. Our homes are designed to reflect and enhance the lifestyles of those living in them. We create a very specific floor plan and layout with the NW LifeStyle in mind. Along the lines of this philosophy, Huffington Post published an article based on a Trulia survey of why more and more people are looking toward new construction homes such as ours. A sizeable 41% of the population prefers a newly-built home over an existing one.

Existing or older homes have the advantage of architectural charm and sizable lots, and are generally located in more established and often more desirable neighborhoods. Older homes, if they are not an obvious tear-down, especially ones that were not meticulously maintained or renovated each decade, usually need a little TLC and are often slightly less expensive than a new construction home. However, our new construction homes have advantages that outweigh their older, more established counterparts.

Floor Plans Designed For The Way We Live Today

One the biggest advantages of buying a new construction home is that they are designed and built for today’s lifestyle. They come with the flowing open floor plans and features that meet modern-day demands, including open, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, large master baths, more access to outdoor entertaining areas, and even additional storage. Many older existing homes built between the 1920’s and the 1990’s often lack one or more if those features as part of their original home design.

Energy Efficient

Utilizing new construction materials, just-built homes are usually more energy efficient — and that means potentially lower utility bills. Not only are these newly-built homes rated higher for insulation, many new homes are incorporating renewable sources of clean energy like solar. All of this new home tech could save you thousands over the course of the years you live in the home.

New Technology = Smart Home

New construction homes are often equipped with the latest technology built right in. Think cable, alarm systems, speaker systems, high-speed wired internet, digital thermostats and detectors — when they’re just the flip of a switch away, you save you lots of time and money, not to mention holes in the walls.

New Trumps Retrofit

New homes are built with the latest building plans, designs, and materials. The systems (electrical, plumbing, sewage lines, central heating, and air) already meet today’s codes and standards. It is always much more efficient and practical to have these systems built into a new home, rather than have to upgrade and retrofit existing older systems, which can sometimes mean ripping into the walls, floors, and ceilings to gain access to the key home systems.

Free Weekends

When you buy new, you get more time relaxing at home. You won’t be spending all your weekends at home renovation stores as you try to tackle that “honey-do” list of home improvements each week. Buying a new construction home allows you to enjoy your weekends at home almost as soon as you are unpacked.

Check out the complete article on Huffington Post.

Image via Huffington Post

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