Today’s Home With Tomorrow In Mind

27062_17_1A home should be made of more than four simple walls, it should have a personality to suit its owner and a lifestyle to match. It should capture your attention the moment you enter the front door making an embracing statement of hearth and household.

At LifeStyle, we pride ourselves in making a timeless home that offers comfort and flexibility for everyday living … Our homes exude Northwest Modern living from every detail. They are built to last with smart ingenuity and functionality. Each room is carefully designed with an abundance of natural light and masterfully planned spaces. Nothing is wasted, every square inch has a purpose and meaning to the livability of the home.

Each floor plan and design is specifically created for the neighborhood catering to the needs of the homeowner, both today and many years from today, much as the neighborhood itself is doing. Affording one the ability to not just be at home within its walls, but within the community.

NW LifeStyle Homes’ mission is to serve the needs of today’s homeowners, many of whom are not having their needs met in design and livability. LifeStyle identifies, understands and addresses those needs. LifeStyle is committed to creating homes that bring comfort, efficiency, flexibility, relevance, creativity and enjoyment to everyday livability.

We design and build today’s home with tomorrow in mind, leaving yesterday’s outdated house behind.

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