Lynne Robinson and Dan Watson
Bellevue, WA

Working with NW Lifestyle Homes was a chance of a lifetime. We downsized into a downtown Bellevue condominium that required significant updating. With a fixed budget we embarked on this adventure with Mike, Megan, Meg, Mason, and Kevin. From storage ideas to design, they completely remodeled our condo into a beautiful, comfortable and functional home. We are so pleased with the results. The quality of work is amazing and the budget was reasonable. In fact, we ended up under budget! Thank you to this remarkable and talented team. They truly made all our lifestyle dreams come true.

Breiland Residence
Breiland Residence,
Bellevue, WA

We wanted to say thank you for a job well done on our outdoor room! This is both a beautiful and functional addition to our home that is allowing our family to enjoy more time in the fresh air without having to deal with all the rain and cold that the PNW can dish out.

We came to you with a vague idea of what we wanted and appreciated that your team responded with a stunning design that completely exceeded our expectations. The end product is a work of art (the structure is gorgeous to look at), it’s designed in such a way to maximize natural light penetration into our home (something that is incredibly important for us), and the space is something that we are continuing to use to its full extent, even as we tick into November.

We were very pleased with the overall process. This is the third major remodel of our home, so we really appreciated the extra customer service and communication that your team provided. From the weekly status reports from Megan to the continuous engagement by Mike, we felt like our project was always front of mind for NWLH.

We also very much appreciated the full suite of services offered by your team and the subcontractors you work with regularly. Everyone exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise, which translated into an overall better product. Some of the extra touches, like using engineered lumber (which offered both aesthetic and functional benefit) and maximizing our “WinDoor” width, make our outdoor room look like it’s always been a part of our home instead of a retrofit.

If any of your future clients are interested in learning more about your process or seeing a competed project, please don’t hesitate to send them our way. We hope to work with your team again in the near future!

Dennon home
Noonan Residence,
Mercer Island, WA

Early on in the process of meeting potential builders, we were given the advice that one of the most important relationships in building a custom home is that between your architect and general contractor. Obviously, with NW Lifestyle Homes (NWLH), Matt and Mason have that covered amazingly. The entire project was truly a collaborative experience that involved every member of the NWLH Team. At an early-stage building meeting, we asked if there were any specific goals for the project (beyond just time and budget adherence). Mike noted that his very best projects wrap up with everyone involved as friends - a team brought closer together by the experience of building a home. We are thrilled to note that beyond just loving our new home, we accomplished Mike's goal and have a new group of friends who we feel so lucky to have met and worked with.

Dekate Family Residence

Dekate Family Residence
Medina, WA

We had been considering upgrading our primary home for some time, but agreed that in order to make the move, it had to be a very special home. And we knew the minute we stepped into this Medina NWLH house that we had arrived. The architecture is modern and thoughtful with the design bringing nature and light into every room. We love spending time with family and friends, so the indoor/outdoor living spaces provide us the opportunity to entertain in any season. Every detail has been considered for the kitchen, living areas, and bathrooms - offering clean lines while creating warm living spaces. Each room has a different feeling with interesting yet subtle features and tile choices. The main floor living area is especially magical with a NanaWall, modern fireplace, and high angled ceilings which look out into beautifully landscaped spaces. At 5500 sf, we were concerned that we wouldn’t use the main floor space enough, but the layout is very livable and easy, especially with 2 growing kids. We wouldn’t change a thing indoors or outdoors.

Because we purchased it shortly after it was completed, we had questions and sometimes needed home support. I cannot say enough about the above and beyond support from Megan, Mike, and Mason - customer service was 5-stars and beyond what we expected during this busy time in the home market. One year in, we continue to love our home and know that the NWLH team is there for any questions when needed.

Modern House

Megan and Rob Atkinson
Chief Operating Officer of NW Lifestyle Homes
Mercer Island, WA

NW Lifestyle Homes was in the process of designing and building a home for my family when we identified similar design philosophies and interests. Halfway through the build when the NWLH team asked me to join their staff, I swiftly agreed after seeing the level of integrity and craftsmanship.

Our new, moderately-sized house on Mercer Island fits my 5-person family to a “T.” Although only 2960 sf, our home utilizes every square inch of space and lives much larger. With 3 kids (teens and pre-teens), we need flexible spaces that can grow with the kids, and rooms where you can feel close to the family but escape for peace and quiet. NWLH built our home with highly intentional, carefully considered floor plans that yield an extremely efficient use of space. The house feels solid to its core, and the execution and craftsmanship speak for itself. The opposite of a production builder, NWLH added small gems throughout the house such as a built-in dog house in the mud room, a tiny lake view window in the master, and a “found space” playroom off the kids’ bedrooms. NWLH pays attention to every detail in an effort to enhance the lives of the people who live in them. We get how people live.

Home Office

Andrew Milligan
Medina, WA

The quality of materials and workmanship are the quickly obvious distinguishing characteristics of our NW Lifestyle Home. Equally evident was the design consideration to form and function. Spending time in the home, you know and feel, “This is a smart home.” Our home by NW Lifestyle Homes has intelligent design which translates to an enhanced living experience.

In our gourmet kitchen, every space and surface work together seamlessly for easy and fun meal preparation. The entertainment and social spaces flow easily from one area to another. Our master bedroom suite is wonderfully comfortable with a fireplace sitting area, balcony, walk-in closets, and glamorous bathroom which provides a restful sanctuary. All of this architectural harmony brings a serene sense of placement and order that is just simply relaxing. Our NWLH home has made our lives better.

Home Exterior

Steve and Mindy Shivers
Bellevue, WA

From the moment we first saw our home from NW Lifestyle Homes, we knew it was markedly different. We appreciate quality design, and this house had it. We love the flexible spaces, the design continuity throughout, as well as the unique exterior styling that is becoming a trademark of NW Lifestyle Homes. One of our favorite features of the home is the central courtyard that takes advantage of our southern exposure. Enclosed in privacy screening, this area allows our family to enjoy the outdoors as much as the NW weather will allow. We are proud owners of our NW Lifestyle Homes home and look forward to seeing what they will come up with next.

Living Room and Kitchen

Mike and Andrea Dickstein
Mercer Island, WA

Our family loves our home built by NWLH. Homework at the kitchen island, gatherings by the fireplace, dinner on the fly, and parties – all the good stuff of life happens under our roof in the consciously designed spaces of our house. Mike, Mason, and Matt use time and experience-tested design principles to create highly livable spaces. The hallways and pathways are generously sized, the rooms feel comfortable – not too big, not too small, the closets are more than ample, and the configuration of rooms just makes sense. We simply live well in this house, and friends frequently ask us who built it.

Chris and Sarah Bullock
Bellevue, WA

As a couple, we had very specific ideas about what we needed to get out of our home. Some were easy, like location for example. Others were a challenge...a BIG challenge. NW Lifestyle Homes came in with their amazing team and were able to create a vision of our 1950's home with the livability and modern day aesthetic we so badly wanted. Gone is the chopped up floor plan, lack of bathrooms and zero gathering space. Now we have a home we can entertain in, relax in and feel at home in. From beginning to end, NW Lifestyle Homes impressed. Their vision of our home and its new floor plan, the quality of the craftsmanship in every room and with every detail and the amazing team itself who still go out of their way to make sure we are satisfied...We couldn't be happier and more thankful for NW Lifestyle Homes.

Marcus and Michelle
Mercer Island, WA

We love the house NW Lifestyle Homes designed for us. The open concept floor plan is optimal for our day to day life, as well as fabulous. The clever design maximizes space while giving us functional use of our home (e.g. electronics charging station hidden inside cabinets).

We have received many compliments on the flow, natural light, and thoughtful choice of colors, high quality materials and cabinetry. We will definitely work with NW Lifestyle again on any future home.

Ed Sturdivant
Bellevue, WA

NW Lifestyles is a fitting title for what this group provides for home buyers. The homes are unique and they are designed with materials and floor plans which really work in the Pacific Northwest. Mike and Mason have especially been helpful to us and anyone would be wise to look carefully at their product before buying anything else.

Gina Smart
Senior Design Consultant, California Closets

I consider myself lucky to work with the NW Lifestyle Homes team. I have been a designer with California Closets for over 15 years, and I have had the privilege of working with many home builders in my career. From the beginning, it was evident that Mike Burke and his team used great care in each of their projects. For them, it has never been about building something quickly and on to the next job. It is a very thoughtful process with customers in mind. I admire that “lifestyle” really is the focus, and so much time is taken to consider every property and each build as a place where ultimately someone will call home.

Contact us to learn more about our satisfied clients. We’re proud to serve customers throughout West Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Seattle, Washington.