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Light + Air

So…I want to start a blog. I’ve never even read a blog and now I want to write one. The first thing I should do is find one that addresses a topic that interests me and read it. At least I would know what the hell a blog looked like. So, I did.

Disclosure: I’m a residential Real Estate guy. I say that, not because I’m a Real Estate broker – which I am. Or, because I own a house – which I do. I say that because, along with being a broker, I am now a designer, builder, and developer and about all I think about now are houses. I’ve learned to love them. Even the ugly ones. Maybe, especially the ugly ones. So, I tried to read some Real Estate blogs. I cannot imagine that the writers of Real Estate blogs have a love life. At least one where both parties stay awake. Now I know why people know more about their cell phone than they know about their house. The information available to learn about houses will put you to sleep.


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Words to Build By: UNEXPECTED

unexpectedOne of our favorite design qualities that describes our homes is unexpected.

Even our ‘cookie cutters’ are different.

This is the phrase we hear most about our design process when visitors tour our homes. We take the “wouldn’t it be cool if” ideas… and then we actually do them. We even take the everyday details like downspouts and make them unique, like what you see to the right. The kitchen command center is another example; everyone needs some extra planning space and there’s no better place than an additional room near the kitchen. You’ll always find what you need in our homes, and it might just be an unexpected surprise.

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Words to Build By: CONTEXT

contextThe context through which we design is evident in every aspect of our homes.

Our square pegs never have round holes.

If you were to contextualize each design element in our homes, you’d see the reasons each were included. Each wall, room, cupboard and more has been placed as part of the overall context of the design. We build homes for a purpose. As part of our floor plan philosophy, there’s a method to everything. The exposed wooden beams represent the “green” nature of the Pacific Northwest. The highlights of red throughout the Staten Residence represent the originality and uniqueness to make the home to stand out against other typical new construction homes.

Everything is done in context and with a purpose to create an exceptional living space for your lifestyle.

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Words to Build By: FUNCTIONAL

functionalPart of our design philosophy is to create something visually appealing as well as functional. As quoted by Frank Lloyd Wright …

Form follows function.

Yes, it’s important that our northwest modern style is reflected in our homes. Going beyond our style, however, is the function of every detail. Every aspect of the home is designed to make your lifestyle flow. From additional storage to a guest en suite or even the multiple functions of the main floor flex room, our designs serve a purpose. They will make life in your home exceptional by doing the work they are meant to do with flawless execution.

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Words to Build By: CONTINUITY

continuityOur designs flow to create a cohesive reflection of the Pacific Northwest.

I’m sorry, NW Modern does not go with French Provincial.

As a modern homebuilder, we want to make sure we are bringing you the most up-to-date technology and designs available. As residents of the Pacific Northwest, we also want to make sure that we give you a home designed to reflect and resonate with the momentum and energy of our cities and communities. We aren’t going to plop a home design in the middle of Medina that doesn’t show off everything the area has to offer. Likewise, we won’t give you a home that doesn’t suit your everyday and lifetime needs. Continuity shows itself in the recessed ceilings through each of our homes’ living spaces, the succession of lights in Bellevue 8909 and the red that makes an appearance throughout the house’s details.lights

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Words to Build By: LIVABILITY

livabilityEach of our homes are built to be completely livable and cohesive with your lifestyle.

That indescribable feeling of ease and comfort.

The homes we build are designed to be comfortable. They aren’t made to change the way you live. We’ve designed something that effortlessly and seamlessly conforms to your own lifestyle with an incomparable sense of livability. That means extra storage in the kitchen island right where you need it, or a kitchen command center right between the garage and the kitchen — the perfect place for planning on the run. We’re not making you change the way you live. We’re designing a home defined by the way you actually live.

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Words to Build By: FLEXIBILITY

flexibilityOur homes are just as flexible as you are.

If you go from project manager to mom to artist, so will your house.

Our floor plans are designed with an idea in mind that you might want to change the use of a particular room from what it was originally made for. Let’s take the use of the kitchen command center. Are you going to be planning your week there, making your grocery list, or do you just need another office space? You can do all three in there and change it from one to the other based on what you need. Now take the flex room. Den or a mother-in-law suite? We’ve designed it for both possibilities, and the final choice is yours.

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Our New Look


NW Lifestyle Homes has a new look!

We’ve reworked our brand to reflect our design direction and mission. Providing you with clean, modern homes that are truly livable in the Northwest.


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Words to Build By: COMFORT

comfortOur homes offer a level of comfort that only the Northwest can provide.

You can’t snuggle into elegant.

Creating the perfect blend of luxury and warmth, our homes welcome enjoy every square inch. We’ve designed the floor plan to appease your needs after an exhausting day. The reading nook above is a prime example of how no space is wasted in our homes. Each design is intentional to allow you to feel comfortable in your own home. Whether it’s a space where you can relax or a floor plan that flows seamlessly to the needs of your household, our designs accommodate. Personalized to the Northwest lifestyle, we design with comfort in mind.

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Words to Build By: CREATIVITY

creativityWith each of our home designs comes a jolt of creativity.

We want you to have one continuous “ah-ha” moment.

Similar to how we build boldly, we strive to add something a little different, outside-the-box, and unique to each of our designs. We want our houses to stand out in how it applies to your specific lifestyle, but also in the way in which we’ve made the house. The creativity we put into each house reflects the creativity of the landscape, the region, and the Northwest. We don’t build homes just to build something, we build it to make a creative statement in the architectural community.

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