More Housing Trends for 2015

In our last post, we discussed housing trends predicted to make an appearance in 2015. Now that we’re in the second month of the year, we’ve got a better grasp on what trends could last or fade away. Returning to the 21 Housing Trends for 2015 from RealtorMag, here are some additional trends we can expect to see this year and our interpretation of them.

Understair StorageStorage: The new buzz-phrase is “specialized storage:” placing things right where they’re needed. Homeowners in 2015 want everything to have its place and plenty of hidden storage to put it all away. Our clients have consistently commented on how much storage we have in our homes. We have heard the desire for everything to have its place and we’ve accommodated our clients by giving them enough storage to fit their busy lifestyle.

Grander garages: People are beginning to invest more time and money into their garage space as they realize its value. Some trends include making a space for washing pets and continuing driveway material into the garage. All of our garages are oversized compared to other new construction homes. We also see the value in a larger garage with more storage and room for a car in each bay. We’ve even created a separate area for the water heater and furnace; they’re closed off from the garage by large doors to create the ultimate grand garage.

Return to human scale: During the McMansion craze, kitchens got so big they almost required skates to get around. This year we’ll see a return to a more human, comfortable scale. At NW LifeStyle Homes, we firmly believe in making more efficient spaces. We’re not designing space just for the sake of having space. We’re designing just the right amount of space for your home and your LifeStyle.

30600_19_1Luxury 2.0: We take a different stance on “luxury 2.0” than this article speaks of. Yes, sleep is important and creating the right bedroom set can make all the difference in living healthier and happier. We want to take it a step further and stress the importance of quality in making a luxurious bedroom. Furthermore, we want to add fun to it. Room for the TV, reading, a warm fireplace, as well as extra space and closets for more storage.

Medina KitchenShades of white kitchens: Despite all the variations in colors and textures for kitchen counters, backsplashes, cabinets, and flooring, the all-white kitchen still gets the brass ring. It’s not just white that’s getting the attention; people are looking into varying shades of off-white and cream, even blue-grays. While we see this as a trend in 2015, we know this is a classic look and we have included white kitchens in some homes. Our most recent house, Medina 8416, had white and shades of gray in the kitchen.

Some of these predicted trends are proving to be really big in new construction and remodel designs. However, we have already been including these in our homes for several years and we are happy to have already been providing our clients with such a tailored lifestyle. What do you think of these trends predicted for 2015?

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