What is "livability"?

“Livability” is the suitability of a place for positive human experience. At NW Lifestyle Homes, we build our houses to maximize “livability.” A “livable” home is functional, adaptable, comfortable, and fun.  

Many new homes are beautiful to look at, but not all are truly livable.  The livability of  a NW Lifestyle Home is often not fully appreciated until you - well - live in it.

Functionality is the basis of good home design, and at its heart is the floor plan.  It is not just the number or size of the room that matters.  The room's relationships, traffic patterns, volumes, view corridors, the location of doors, the length and width of hallways, the positioning of baths, and many other features are essential for a functional and livable home.

The adaptability of a home is not often discussed but families come in many configurations and how each uses its home is ever changing. You may host casual suppers for family/friends and more formal dinners for your boss and her husband.  Your brother may come for a visit - and never leave! Your children are babies one moment and teenagers the next. Your decorating taste evolves from sleek and spare to comfortable clutter. A livable NW Lifestyle Home, with its combination of private and public spaces and flexible rooms that can be used for many purposes, adapts with you through all of life’s changes.

The most important endpoint in designing a livable home is to make it comfortable and fun. Comfort follows from functionality and adaptability, but it is enhanced by details that please your senses.  Abundant natural light and air, aesthetically pleasing architectural features, textures and colors, generous and well-scaled spaces, and outdoor living areas which maximize sun exposure all work together to make you want to come home to your NW Lifestyle Home.