Housing Trends for 2015

2015 is here and now we’re bracing ourselves for the trends in home design and construction that are on their way. We work to get a very specific look and feel that we believe represents and reflects the LifeStyle of Northwest. RealtorMag released its list of 21 Hot Housing Trends for 2015 that we should all be expecting in the new year. These trends, clean and chic as they are, are merely trends that can either make a lasting impression or have a fleeting existence. Some of them have been in our home designs for years. Others do not quite fit the image we want to create when we design a new home.

Great room leading into nook, kitchenOpen spaces: We have been perfecting the open floor plan and great room concept in our homes since 1992. Larger, open rooms might be vogue in 2015, but we’ve felt the need for them for the last 23 years here in the Northwest. This is definitely a trend we agree with and are happy to see others embracing the open space.

Off-the-shelf plans: This one is hard for us to comprehend as a “trend.” We disagree with the idea of choosing from a pre-made selection of plans. Off-the-shelf plans don’t quite work here in the Seattle area; each property has different topography to work with and each homeowner has different needs to be reflected in their home design. Our new construction homes have unique floor plans to fit the unique landscape. You can’t create a proper fit with an off-the-shelf plan.

Freestanding tubs: Another trend we’re happy to see make a statement this year. We’ve been using freestanding tubs in our homes for a while and we really feel that they add to the artistic and design development as well as complement other elements of the bathroom.

KitchenQuartzite: We’ve been working with quartzite for the last three years and have been using it as central to our kitchen designs in every house. We prefer it over granite and manmade quartz. It’s elegant and durable and with a timeless look and feel, we’re happy to be incorporating this into our homes.

Porcelain floors: We’re excited to see that another trend making it’s way to more homes this year is one we’ve been using since the early 1990s. We now use porcelain tiles almost exclusively in our new construction homes. We love the elegant look and feel this brings to any room. If we’re not using porcelain, we’ll use a small natural stone.

Multiple master suites: While we agree with including this in today’s floor plans, we admit that it only works with certain demographics. In Medina 8416, we used a master suite and guest suite in a similar fashion. We’re excited to see how multiple master suites can be used in other home designs this year.

IMG_0029Fireplaces and fire pits: We absolutely agree with RealtorMag’s statement that “the sight of a flame—real or faux—has universal appeal as a signal of warmth, romance, and togetherness.” We are focused on creating original and unique custom-made fire pits like the built-in gas brick fire trough at Medina 8416.


We’ll be discussing more of these hot home trends in the future and sharing our own input and examples of what we’ve already been doing. It’s exciting to see that staples of NW LifeStyle Homes designs are only just now making their way into “mainstream.” It’s another example of how we stay ahead of the design trends on the market and bring you the most unique and quality elements in new construction homes.

Let us know what you think about some of these trends. Read the full article here.

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