Floor to Ceiling

workinprogress10:17We are excited to start leaking our sneak peak and work in progress pictures of our upcoming homes! Right now we have five properties on the way that are challenging us to create our most innovative designs yet. Our most recent work in progress picture comes from Bellevue.

What we like about this home is it’s giving us a chance to try some of our favorite designs in addition to a few new ones. As we have mentioned in the past, we always design our homes with a very specific floor plan philosophy…

Front of houseWe want to make sure that you are walking into a home that makes sense for the LifeStyles of the Pacific Northwest. This home allows us to do that with colors, layouts, materials and more. Every inch of every room gets our utmost attention as we select and design the elements to work for a homeowner.

From the individual details to the cohesive design, this home will reflect NW LifeStyle Homes from floor to ceiling.

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