Floor Planning Philosophy

Last week we had our planning meeting and we’re excited to move forward with our new projects. With each project, we want to offer something unique for ease and comfort in lifestyle. We want to give our clients something spectacular to reflect the way they live. For us, it isn’t about gaining more clients. It’s about striving to improve the livability of the house and planning for the LifeStyle of those moving in.

It is through this ideology that we develop a floor plan philosophy because our designs are always made for very specific reasons. Each room and each wall is placed where it is for a purpose, not just because it fits there. At our Nantucket Modern home in Medina, we showcase this through our use of the great room concept.

Main Floor {Floor Plans}

We wanted the great room to be separate from the kitchen. We placed the nook in between the kitchen and great room to decrease the amount of noise contamination so people can watch a football game and enjoy entertaining in the great room at the same time that someone else can carry on a conversation and prepare a meal in the kitchen. The nook is specifically placed between the two so the main floor better fulfills the needs of those living there.

In some houses, rooms are created because the builder and designer needed to put something in an empty space. At NW LifeStyle Homes, we design each floor plan for very deliberate reasons.

We are all about creating a floor planning philosophy to build a home that fits perfectly and seamlessly into the Northwest LifeStyle providing ease and comfort in livability.

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