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So…I want to start a blog. I’ve never even read a blog and now I want to write one. The first thing I should do is find one that addresses a topic that interests me and read it. At least I would know what the hell a blog looked like. So, I did.

Disclosure: I’m a residential Real Estate guy. I say that, not because I’m a Real Estate broker – which I am. Or, because I own a house – which I do. I say that because, along with being a broker, I am now a designer, builder, and developer and about all I think about now are houses. I’ve learned to love them. Even the ugly ones. Maybe, especially the ugly ones. So, I tried to read some Real Estate blogs. I cannot imagine that the writers of Real Estate blogs have a love life. At least one where both parties stay awake. Now I know why people know more about their cell phone than they know about their house. The information available to learn about houses will put you to sleep.


So…it looks like I’m going to write a Real Estate blog. WAKE UP! I know, just the mention of it makes your eyelids heavy. First of all, I’m going to make every attempt to keep you interested – maybe even entertained. Then, I’m going to try to teach you something.

Who the hell is this guy who says he’s going to impart compelling knowledge, you ask. Well, on April 1, 1962 with shovel in hand I embarked on career of building houses. Did I love it then? Uhhh…no. But, I was 19, needed a job and it was pretty good pay, even then. As time went on, I found that I was kind of good at it. Then, because I was always a bit artsy-fartsy, I got an opportunity to provide a bit of design assistance to someone that wanted me to do some “side work.” They were happy with the project but really happy with the design. I guess I’m talented…but not too bright. With absolutely no idea about how to operate a business, I started my first one at the age of 24. Fast forward to present, 55 years later, after buying and selling and designing and building and demolishing and upgrading and making money and losing money, I’m finally feeling like I know a little something about Real Estate. So, if you can stay awake, my desire is for you to benefit from my experience in residential Real Estate.

I’m going to select topics that are relatively common. Topics that you may have seen or heard discussed before. However, I’m going to try to make them interesting, understandable (no big words or terms you don’t understand), relatable and I’m going to cut through the crap.

Here’s what I want to see: If you now own a home – learn about it. If you want to buy a home –  learn about the process. If you want to fix your home – determine what you want to do and why.  Learn what good design is. Learn what good construction is. Learn what a good location is today and what will be a good location in the future.  Learn what your housing financial capabilities are. Determine whether or not you should be a homeowner. I’m a huge advocate for home ownership but it may not be for everybody. If you have determined that it is for you then it’s YOUR responsibility to know about the process. A Real Estate broker or loan broker or architect or contractor is going to help. But that’s it. Help. Residential Real Estate may be the only chance for the typical employee to build wealth, going forward. Learn how to manage and control it. And, NEVER think that home ownership is beyond your capabilities. It just might take more time for some than for others.

Here’s what I’m not going to do: Preach to you. Ask you for money. Espouse a political position. Or, blame any financial, economic, political or social condition on anybody else or any outside influence.

But here’s what I will do: Give you my honest opinion based on what I have learned in my 55 years of successes and failures.

Here’s what I need: Questions and situations that need to be examined regarding residential Real Estate. So, hop to it. Send me some grist for this mill. I’ve got few ideas of my own but yours just might be more provocative. Remember, I’m not that bright. I just have years of experience.

Oh, I kind of left the idea of ugly houses hanging there, didn’t I? My somewhat dysfunctional fascination with ugly houses is similar to a young woman’s attraction to “bad boys.” They might be rough, unkempt, unloved and lonely, right now. But…just give me a chance. I’ll kiss it, hug it and give it a haircut and some new clean cloths, and voila! A whole new personality to make an entirely fresh contribution to society. But, alas, reality. Like the poor girl who thinks she can transform the guy; transforming the ugly house is almost always merely a dream. It’s not my house. It will have to get the motivation to change from within. From the owner. All I can do is attempt to influence or motivate the owner to see the benefit of change. And, that’s something I will try to achieve with this blog. Stay tuned.

I’m out for now. Until next time, do good. Don’t place blame. Have fun and never let your family down.

Just sayin’.


Feel free to contact Mike Burke with any questions.

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